Liaison Festival

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LIAISON is an encounter between dance, music, film and other performing arts. During four full evenings between April 9th and 12th, a program will be presented at Kulturhuset Stadsteatern that interweaves different art forms in which various artistic voices are given space to reference each other through overlapping questions, interests and worlds. LIAISON brings to the fore artworks that play with our sense of time. Artworks that through their duration create ceremonies in which embodied and vocal mantras constitute the very substructure of the works’ expression. In an age characterized by an appreciation for productivity and profit, LIAISON wishes to instead seduce through that which lingers, is left alone and takes its own time. In LIAISON, art is given the opportunity to contextualize art, with the purpose of linking instead of explaining. The festival is an initiative of choreographer and dancer Jefta van Dinther. It takes its starting point from his work THIS IS CONCRETE, made in collaboration with choreographer and dancer Thiago Granato.

»strong tie or link & dialogue establishing and maintaining a mutual understanding and collaboration«



9+10 APRIL, Klarabiografen

The videogame LIMBO is developed by the Danish videogame company Playdead. Between videogame and an artwork, LIMBO is a hybrid technology in which its audience meets a boy that makes his way through a sombre and eerie terrain. As in most two-dimensional videogames, the boy can run to his right or left, jump, climb onto landings, move up and down ladders and ropes as well as push or pull objects. These simple actions, and the continuous pace that the boy steadily keeps up, creates a meditative state in the player. In LIMBO, time appears to dissolve and nothing appears to be in a rush. The black-and-white tones of the game, the use of film grain effects and its minimal ambient sound scape, generate an atmosphere often associated with the horror genre.


Jefta van Dinther /
Thiago Granato
9+10 APRIL, Hörsalen

THIS IS CONCRETE is a collaboration between choreographers and dancers Jefta van Dinther and Thiago Granato. Two bodies intermingle with each other incessantly, blurring their boundaries. Infused in a sonic environment of dizzying beats and revolving shadows, the performers’ trip is lengthy, sedated, coital. Movements mutate into words as the two men’s voices start to speak their mouths and bodies. In the corporeal and social fusion generated between them, their drive slides into pleasure, talking into eating, fucking into dancing and symbiosis into parasitism.

Choreography and Dance: Jefta van Dinther and Thiago Granato | Lighting design: Jan Fedinger | Sound design: David Kiers Production management: Emelie Bergbohm Artistic advice: Sandro Amaral, Frederic Gies and Robert Steijn

THIS IS CONCRETE is a production by Jefta van Dinther – Sure Basic and Thiago Granato | Administrative structure: Interim kultur – Sweden and Sure Basic – The Netherlands | Distribution: Koen Vanhove – Key Performance | Co-production: PACT Zollverein, Grand Theatre Groningen, Panorama Festival Rio de Janeiro, CNDC Angers and Fabrik Potsdam / Étape Danse | Funded by: the Swedish Arts Council, the Swedish Arts Grants Committee, City of Stockholm and Fonds Podiumkunsten The Netherlands


Rodrigo Sobarzo de Larraechea
9+10 APRIL, Foajén

In Mining, the choreographer motorizes himself through time and space by way of his own voice. He calls out, roars, murmurs and gasps, the voice oscillating between being the manifestation of his body, an extension of his body and of something outside of, or more than, his body. In this way, the performance stages the orifice of the mouth as an expression of introspection and the body as a boundary between the future and the past. Mining time and time again bring us back to the here and now, by insisting on the present moment. Together, the voice and the body create a landscape that is continuous and perpetual, intense and urgent.

Direction, choreography and performance: Rodrigo Sobarzo de Larraechea | Dramaturgy: Varinia Canto Vila


human being
9+10 APRIL, Hörsalen

The artist Robyn will meet the audience in an intimate setting, performing entirely new music at LIAISON. In an experiment, she will challenge the concert and song format with a repetitive act that looses itself in words and sounds. With its starting point in her upcoming song ›Human Being‹, Robyn here winds herself up into what it means to be a human, speaking of the recurring and ceaseless confrontation of our own limits.

Human Being is written by Robyn and Joseph Mount | Produced by Joseph Mount



The Singing Lesson 2
Artur Zmijewski
11+12 APRIL, Klarabiografen

The Singing Lesson 2 is a video-art work that depicts a group of deaf teenagers taking on the challenge of singing classical music. The film reveals an attempt to devote to something not mastered and according to traditional techniques. Through this act, the core of the work emerges: the voice. With rhythm, force and other musical elements intact, the voice in The Singing Lesson 2 transforms into something unrestrained and irrepressible, since the singers cannot themselves hear what they are singing. The music of Bach turns into a synchronized cacophony – a polyphonous expression that conveys the capacity of communication despite differentials of tonality and intelligibility.

The Singing Lesson 2, 2003 | Thanks to: Galerie Peter Kilchmann, Zurich | The film is presented with the support of the Polish Institute Stockholm


Reproduction (2015)
Cullbergbaletten /
Eszter Salamon
11+12 APRIL, Hörsalen

Reproduction for eight dancers had its premiere in 2004 and was heavily discussed. Eszter Salamon now creates a new version of the performance for the Cullberg Ballet. Reproduction (2015) challenges our view on the construction of gender bodies by choreographing ›floating‹ bodies that no longer fit into any fixed identity. Through repetition, slow tempo and the help of accessories, costumes, hair, movement and touch, continuously developing sculptures are generated. In Reproduction (2015), scenes of intimacy, of touch and of love challenge the space created between the viewer and the dancers. Who is looking at whom? Who is the voyeur? Whose is the phantasy? With whose gaze are we looking?

Choreography: Eszter Salamon | With eight dancers from the Cullberg Ballet | Artistic assistance: Arantxa Martinez | Music: Fugazi | Lighting Design: Fredrik Rydehäll | Costume: Marita Tjärnström and Camilla Carlström


Hola Hu
Myriam van Imschoot
11+12 APRIL, Foajén

Hola Hu is a vocal piece for two unison voices by Myriam Van Imschoot and her yodel teacher Doreen Kutzke. Hula Hu is a deconstructive vocal performance that zooms into the acoustic particularities of the breaking voice as it occurs in yodelling. Starting from an interest in yodelling as a form of long distance communication the singers here repeat a well-known yodel phrase over and over again, gradually replacing the sound with silences, and slowly thinning the sound out to produce surprising sonic glitches and vocal effects. Formerly unheard sounds come to the fore, creating a transformational and humoristic piece of live music.

Composition: Myriam Van Imschoot
Performance: Doreen Kutzke and Myriam Van Imschoot | Support: Campo, Kunstenwerkplaats Pianofabriek | Distribution:


Tian Rotteveel
11+12 APRIL, Hörsalen

In Soulsqueezing, the choreographer gives the same value to movement, voice, sound and ontology. Rotteveel squeezes out his interiority in a song and speech act in the style of R’n’B, voicing the conditions that spectator and performer find themselves in the theatre space, the body, their thoughts and shortcomings. Soulsqueezing flirts with mainstream culture, and exposes the vulnerability in mankind’s existence and the limitations of daily life. In the tempo of a thought process, rather than that of a theatre spectacle, the audience is slowly lured into a personal, philosophical and entertaining private universe.

Choreography and performance: Tian Rotteveel | Music: Tian Rotteveel | Light: Yair Jardi | Advice: Jeanine Durning, Felix Marchand and Ayara Hernandez | With the kind support from: HZT berlin, Tanztage Berlin, Uferstudios and Sophiensaele | Thanks to: David Zambrano and Myriam van Imschoot

Each evening starts at 19.00. Tickets can be bought for the full evening that continues until approximately 22.00. Food and drinks will be available for sale.

Concept: Jefta van Dinther and Anna Efraimsson in collaboration with Linda Adami | Project leader: Emelie Bergbohm | Coordinator: Annie Kay Dahlström | Administration: Interim kultur AB (svb) | Design: Micha van Dinther & Alexander Knutagård | Cover photo: Ivo Hofste
LIAISON is a production by Jefta van Dinther made in coproduction with Kulturhuset Stadsteatern and the Cullberg Ballet. With the support of the Swedish Arts Council, City of Stockholm and the Polish Institute Stockholm.kltr